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  1. 26 Jun, 2023

    User Inyerface – A worst-practice UI experiment

    User Inyerface – A worst-practice UI experiment is “a challenging exploration of user interactions and design patterns.” Hilariously bad UX and a lot of fun.

  2. 11 Apr, 2022

    I Think You Should Leave Resources

    In my opinion, I Think You Should Leave is one of the funniest things created in the last number of decades. As a fan of absurd and goofball comedy, it’s right up my alley. Here’s a website that links directly […]

  3. 31 Mar, 2019

    CVS Receipt Codepen

    This extra-long CVS receipt Codepen makes me incredibly happy since my high school job was working at CVS.

  4. 07 Nov, 2016

    ‘Thought Leader’

    This is phenomenal. via Adactio.

  5. 09 Apr, 2015

    14 reasons you should attend one of my responsive design workshops

    @benbrignell asked me to give 14 reasons why he should attend my upcoming responsive design workshop at UX London. So here are 14 reasons why you should attend one of my upcoming workshops: Unlimited pancakes New car smell Responsive design […]

  6. 05 Nov, 2013

    Brad Frost Knows About Adult Diaper Road Trips

    Yeah, this is one of the craziest podcasts I’ve been on.

  7. 19 Jan, 2013

    The Power of the Web Is Diamonds

    The fine folks at BDConf made an absolutely epic video starring me…or should I say spliced clips of me from my previous BDConf talks. It’s absolutely hilarious and surprisingly catchy.

  8. 30 Mar, 2010

    Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em

  9. 29 Mar, 2010

    Michael Buble Being Stalked By A Velociraptor

    Absolutely hilarious blog dedicated to showing singer Michael Buble being stalked by a velociraptor. Now I have absolutely no idea of who Michael Buble is and I have no intention of ever listening to his music. I really think the […]

  10. 07 Mar, 2010

    Ludacris-Proximity Sadness Meter

  11. 12 Feb, 2010

    How to Report the News

    Absolutely hilarious video from Newswipe that nails down how to report the news. I love the bit about the Matrix. Via Mike Gallay.

  12. 04 Feb, 2010

    Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

    Absolutely hilarious blog dedicated to collages of Tom Selleck posing with a waterfall and a sandwitch. I want to see a lot more stuff like this. Courtesy of Collin Kelly Visit Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.

  13. 03 Feb, 2010

    Awesome South African Hip-hop/Humor

    Hilarious video of South African group Die Antwoord. Courtesy of my favorite South African creative Director.

  14. 19 Nov, 2009

    Hilarious Client Videos

    Designer Vs Client The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations Make My Logo Bigger Cream Bonus: Clients From Hell Blog

  15. 06 Jun, 2008

    Rolling Rick

    Here’s a little something I thought of a while back when Rick Rolling was becoming as ubiquitous as obesity. Feel free to Digg this or Stumble It, or Rick Roll me in the comments. You’d be clever.

  16. 04 Apr, 2008

    1% Cyborg

    Well my first cyborg part is in the mail. I’m really excited, but there’s still a long way to go (specifically, 99%) until I reach certifiable cyborg status. And while my first piece of cyborg technology isn’t the most exciting […]

  17. 22 Jan, 2008

    Arby’s Petting Zoo, a Simply Delicious Way to Spend Your Saturday

    This is a photo taken in my home town of Oil City, PA about a year ago. It speaks volumes.