@benbrignell asked me to give 14 reasons why he should attend my upcoming responsive design workshop at UX London. So here are 14 reasons why you should attend one of my upcoming workshops:

  1. Unlimited pancakes
  2. New car smell
  3. Responsive design knowledge adds 15 years to your life, guaranteed.
  4. Every attendee will receive a five-minute-long hug from me.
  5. No Bob Segerâ„¢
  6. Your boss will automatically double your salary.
  7. Unlimited waffles (post-workshop)
  8. Skeet shooting?
  9. By the end of the workshop, you will suddenly be able to speak fluent Japanese.
  10. Every workshop attendee will receive a BRAND NEW CAR.
  11. Your knowledge of responsive design patterns will bring your enemies to their knees and have them begging for mercy.
  12. Rap battles.
  13. You will leave with actionable skills and techniques you can immediately apply to your design and development workflow.
  14. Eternal life.

*Individual results may vary.