A New bradfrost.com!

So after a good many years (cobbler’s children and all that), bradfrost.com has finally gotten a facelift! This makes the 8th redesign of the site (although a few redesigns have been relatively minor).

Here’s what I’m excited about with the new redesign:

  • I pulled out the design into Pattern Lab where I was able to actually design the UI in a proper workshop, rather than tripping over WordPress’s loops and garbled theme code. I’m still in the process of cleaning everything up, but if you’re interested in looking at my pattern lab, you can see it here.
  • I’ve cleaned up almost a decade’s worth of WordPress crap. This is still a work in progress, but I used the fantastic Advanced Custom Fields to put structured content in place.
  • After years of building upon shaky ground, I burned down my entire CSS and rebuilt it using the architecture I’ve used to build giant design systems. I’m excited about this because now that I have a system in place, I’ll likely be able to tweak or redesign the site’s aesthetics more efficiently from here on out.
  • I have homes for a lot of my content that wasn’t ever there before. I have a page that describes the different kinds of work I do. I have a page for all the side projects & collaborations I’ve been fortunate to work on. I have an updated portfolio where I talk about the kind of front-end design work I do. I even have music and art pages up.
  • I’ve cleaned up my blog so that it’s easier for me to post things and share links. I’m doubling down on owning my own content, so I’m excited to have a less-crusty home for it all.
  • It’s fun! In a world where even sites that aren’t Medium dot com are looking like Medium dot com, I’m excited to try something different. I know some people won’t like that, but whatever. I think we need a bit of fun.

I was just at a conference with the amazing Cameron Moll, and his advice was:

Perfection never ships. Cameron Moll

So it’s in that spirit that I’m launching this. I know there’s at least a hundred things that are broken or incomplete, but thankfully this is my website so I can do whatever the hell I want. I’ll be cleaning things up over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, I hope  you enjoy the new design. Thanks!

Old design:

Brad Frost.com design

New design: