Words that would otherwise be coming out of my mouth

  1. 22 Mar, 2018

    Breaking down design systems to atomic elements (w/ Brad Frost, Atomic Design)

    I had a great time chatting with Sagi and David about a number of topics on the Hacking UI podcast. Give it a listen!

  2. 01 Mar, 2018

    New, new, new TechCrunch

    TechCrunch announced they’re redesigning their site, which marks an end of an era at a personal level. Five years ago, myself, Josh Clark, Dan Mall, Jennifer Brook, Kristina Franz, and Jonathan Stark redesigned TechCrunch to be modern and responsive (which […]

  3. 12 Feb, 2018

    Your Sketch library is not a design system redux

    I wrote a post where I talk about how a set of components living inside static design tools like Sketch isn’t itself a design system. Pardon my clickbait. Perhaps a better title would have been “Your Sketch library is not a(n […]

  4. 09 Feb, 2018

    Everything Easy Is Hard Again

    I had the good fortune of seeing Frank‘s talk in person at MirrorConf this year, and as with all of Frank’s talks, it’s full of insight and wit. I love his perspective on the web as a medium, and agree […]

  5. 07 Feb, 2018

    Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto, Tell us Your Secret

    Interesting concept describing how Twitter’s UI could differentiate human and bot accounts. And hey, I make an appearance!

  6. 07 Feb, 2018

    Design Systems: Why Snowflakes Are Counterintuitively Integral

    This great post by Mike Rivera discusses handling snowflake patterns in a design system in a way that keeps product teams productive yet also maintains the integrity of the system. He describes the possible outcomes for a snowflake: Debate over whether or […]

  7. 06 Feb, 2018

    Website Sameness™

    I love this post from Chris about websites looking the same. What’s the harm in sameness? If a website fails to do do what it sets out to do, that, I care about. Design is failing there. But if a website […]

  8. 02 Feb, 2018

    Your Sketch library is not a design system

    You can write words explaining how to properly use a toaster, draw pictures of toasters, and even create more efficient ways to draw pictures of toasters. But at the end of the day, if you don’t have a functioning toaster, […]

  9. 01 Feb, 2018

    Sketching in the Browser

    I remember talking with Vitaly about what I thought would happen with design tools in the next year or two, and I said that we’ll finally get design and dev tools integrated into each other in a way that makes […]

  10. 01 Feb, 2018

    Article Performance Leaderboard

    I love this leaderboard ranking the performance of article template across brands. I’m also thrilled that three of the sites I helped the team at DotDash (formerly About.com) create made the Top 10!

  11. 31 Jan, 2018


    Gramps was a force of nature: an entrepreneur, a tinkerer, a devoted husband, a family man, a role model, a doctor, a wannabe musician, a builder, an amazing storyteller, and so much more. He was vulgar and hilarious, and was an […]

  12. 25 Jan, 2018

    Style Guide-Driven Design Systems

    There are many facets of a design system initiative, so it can be extremely daunting to figure out where to begin. There are stakeholders to educate, tools to choose, principles to establish, frontend guidelines to settle on, components to build, tokens to […]

  13. 24 Jan, 2018

    My Internet Mea Culpa

    Man, this article really hit home. I’ve been thinking about my own optimistic idealism about the web (on full display at the end of this talk), and how the events of the last few years have really knocked that optimism […]

  14. 12 Jan, 2018

    Google, You Creepy Sonofabitch

    I recently wrote a post about Facebook being a needy sonofabitch. They desperately try to get you there, and once they have you they do all they can to keep you there. It’s like a restaurant that bombards your doorstep […]

  15. 10 Jan, 2018

    A letter about Google AMP

    This letter laying out concerns about AMP seems pretty reasonable to me.

  16. 08 Jan, 2018

    Brad Frost Web Turns 5 Years Old

    On January 1st, 2013, I started my own company. Over the last 5 years I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of great work with a lot of great people, travel all over the place to talk about the […]

  17. 04 Jan, 2018

    Third-Party Scripts

    Reading this post by Trent about the importance of third-party scripts, and I’m reminded of an older post of mine about how component libraries can be used to help surface invisible elements like third-party scripts. The idea is that someone […]

  18. 03 Jan, 2018

    New Years Resolutions

    I’m not going to buy any stuff for myself. – This sounds extreme, but I’m very much excited for this resolution. I have plenty of stuff in my life. I wouldn’t call myself a rabid consumerist, but I feel that I’ve fallen […]

  19. 03 Jan, 2018

    Front-End Performance Checklist 2018

    In classic Vitaly fashion, here’s a gigantic article that includes a ton of tools and tips for all things frontend performance. They even included my performance budget builder, which I forgot I made!

  20. 02 Jan, 2018

    What You Build

    I absolutely love Chris’s sentiment here. It’s easy to get into a heated discussion about frameworks, what type of class names make the most sense, which optimization techniques are most important, or what part of your code base is should […]