Here are some beautiful words from Jeremy.

So write! Share! Publish!

But you know what? Screw what the world needs.

If we’re going to be hardnosed about this, then the world doesn’t need any more books. The world doesn’t need any more music. The world doesn’t need art. Heck, the world doesn’t need us at all.

So don’t publish for the world.

When I write something here on my website, I’m not thinking about the world reading it. That would be paralyzing. I do sometimes imagine that one person is reading it; someone just like me who hasn’t yet had this particular thought, or come up with that particular idea.

I couldn’t agree more. Mr Rogers comes to mind: “You are the only one like you.”  Even if you feel like everything’s been said before, your perspective is wholly unique and valuable. So write! Share! Publish!