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  1. 26 Jan, 2022

    Make Free Stuff | Max Böck

    This is a powerful and important read from Max Böck: He rightfully assesses the state of the landscape in its present form: This is the web as envisioned by late-stage capitalism: a giant freemium game where absolutely everyone and everything […]

  2. 21 Jan, 2022

    Atomic Design and Storybook

    I had the honor to be the first guest on Storybook‘s new Storytime show with the great Michael Chan (aka @chantastic). We talked about the history of atomic design and the rise of the modern JS landscape, how directly-consumable UI […]

  3. 15 Jan, 2022

    My first impressions of web3 – Moxie Marlinspike

    This is a great read about the web3 landscape as well as a super thoughtful critique from someone who really knows what they’re talking about. I love this post because it’s not some analysis from an outsider, but rather from […]

  4. 07 Jan, 2022

    A New Container Query Polyfill That Just Works | CSS-Tricks

    We’re getting closer and closer and closer to being able to actually use container queries. I for one and so freaking excited. Source: A New Container Query Polyfill That Just Works | CSS-Tricks – CSS-Tricks

  5. 05 Jan, 2022

    Quick Tip: Peacock VS Code extension

    As a consultant who works in many client codebases, I love the Peacock VS Code extension because I can apply my clients’ brand colors to the editor UI. It really keeps my head screwed on straight since I’m often working […]

  6. 04 Jan, 2022

    The CSS :has() selector is way more than a “Parent Selector” – Bram.us

    :has() looks really cool, and I can see this being really helpful for a design system’s more composable components. Source: The CSS :has() selector is way more than a “Parent Selector” – Bram.us

  7. 04 Jan, 2022

    The Denialist Playbook – Scientific American

    In brief, the six principal plays in the denialist playbook are: Doubt the Science Question Scientists’ Motives and Integrity Magnify Disagreements among Scientists and Cite Gadflies as Authorities Exaggerate Potential Harm Appeal to Personal Freedom Reject Whatever Would Repudiate A […]

  8. 03 Jan, 2022

    A Small Guide for Naming Stuff in Front-end Code – Frank M Taylor

    This post is a fantastic breakdown of naming things in front-end code. Many of the specifics he outlines are things we adhere to in our own work, but ultimately any one of these conventions can be handled differently. With that […]

  9. 03 Jan, 2022


    There’s no doubt about it: 2021 was unquestionably better than the nightmare that was 2020. Of course, we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic that continues to throw a wrench into any attempt at living a normal life, […]

  10. 22 Dec, 2021

    Defensive CSS – Ahmad Shadeed

    Defensive CSS by Ahmad Shadeed does a great job breaking down a lot of common (and not so common!) CSS issues when working with dynamic content. Super helpful for people building design systems. I’m happy to report we put most […]

  11. 07 Dec, 2021

    How to Care Less About Work

    This article is a fantastic reminder to live our whole lives, not just our work lives. So ask yourself this: Who would you be if work was no longer the axis of your life? How would your relationship with your close friends […]

  12. 15 Nov, 2021

    Design Systems are for user interfaces

    We often talk about design systems as singular entities. “The design system saves time and increases quality.” “Oh, the design system provides that.” “Update to the latest version of the design system.” The reality is that a design system is […]

  13. 12 Nov, 2021

    Why you should invest in your mental health as a designer – Design To Be Conversation

    I had the privilege to speak with Rachel Weissman on the Design To Be Conversation podcast about mental health. I shared my family’s own recent experience with mental health issues and talked about mental health issues facing the design/tech industry […]

  14. 02 Nov, 2021

    The Value of Design Systems Study: Developer Efficiency and Design Consistency

    Using a design system made a simple form page 47% faster to develop versus coding it from scratch. It’s super tricky to measure the value of a design system, so the folks at Sparkbox had a great idea. They raced […]

  15. 26 Oct, 2021

    Project Healthy Minds’ Guide for Healthy Minds

    Back in March, I shared that I started volunteering with an organization called Project Healthy Minds. PHM’s mission is three-fold: End the stigma around mental illness Get people access to mental health care Make mental health care an integral part […]

  16. 20 Oct, 2021

    “Dark Mode” vs “Inverted”

    One thing we run into a fair amount in our design system work is the need to clarify the difference between “dark mode” and “components rendered on a dark background”. What is actual dark mode? prefers-color-scheme is a CSS media […]

  17. 19 Oct, 2021

    HTML with Superpowers – daverupert.com

    Here’s a great talk about web components from Dave. We’ve been building a lot of web component-based design systems with our clients, and I’m bullish about their future. I think if you were using Web Components before 2020 you were […]

  18. 20 Sep, 2021

    A Definitely Real-Life Front-Interview Experience – YouTube

    This is phenomenal.

  19. 13 Sep, 2021

    BDConf & Mobilewood: 10-years later

    Subtitle: How a Wisconsin-based wastewater management magazine forever changed the trajectory of my life. In early 2010, I was hired as a “mobile web developer” at R/GA at a time when the iPhone 3GS was brand new, Android was still […]

  20. 10 Sep, 2021

    Making world-class docs takes effort

    Your docs belong in the code repository It needs to be next to the code so that authors and contributors can update/read the docs while working on the code or docs. Providing it in a separate repository or otherwise separated […]