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  1. 26 Jan, 2020

    Why We Use Web Components

    If I would have to list the main reasons why Web Components work so greatly for Duet Design System, it would be these four things: Tech-Agnostic Instead Of Tech-Specific In order to create modular interfaces, a design system needs to be […]

  2. 22 Jan, 2020


    Last night I had the pleasure of welcoming Ben Callahan and Rob Harr from Sparkbox over to my office/studio to hang out, talk shop, and play a little music. Ian and Melissa joined us and we had some fun jamming […]

  3. 16 Jan, 2020

    Design System Checklist

    An open-source checklist to help you plan, build and grow your design system. Source: Design System Checklist

  4. 15 Jan, 2020

    Goodbye, Clean Code

    Good read about letting “clean code” go. As the years go by, I increasingly err on the side of legibility over cleanliness. Sure, things could likely be tightened up, but does it really matter? If the code works, then there’s […]

  5. 14 Jan, 2020

    Avoiding burnout as an ambitious developer – Stack Overflow Blog

    When I graduated college and started my first full-time job in NYC, I was all in. It’s a pretty common occurrence, especially in smaller companies: a junior dev thrown into the deep end, they flounder a bit, they learn a […]

  6. 14 Jan, 2020

    How Dotdash, formerly About.com, is taking over the internet

    We had a blast working with Dotdash (formerly About dot com), and it’s awesome to see the design system foundation we helped them establish translate into major success, as written up by Fast Company. Maybe you’ve never even heard of Dotdash, […]

  7. 13 Jan, 2020


    Here are a few random stories from my last couple weeks of work. We have a datepicker field that has a calendar SVG icon sitting on top of the field. There was an issue where clicking the icon wasn’t triggering […]

  8. 12 Jan, 2020

    How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation

    This article is a year old, but I just finished up reading a newly-released audio book (or is it a podcast? or chaptered interview series? I dunno.) where the author interviews a number of people who have experienced the kind […]

  9. 11 Jan, 2020

    3s and 7s by Queens of the Stone Age on Drums

    I’m kicking off the new year trying to continue making things like I was attempting to do all of December. While I didn’t make something every day in December, but I made a lot of headway on projects and made […]

  10. 03 Jan, 2020

    It’s 2020 and you’re in the future — Wait But Why

    Wild post about relative time. Great data visualization too. Source: https://waitbutwhy.com/2020/01/its-2020-and-youre-in-the-future.html

  11. 31 Dec, 2019


    2019 was thankfully lot different than last year. This time last year I was in the neuro ICU with my dad as he came out of a coma and was fighting off spinal meningitis. I’m so incredibly thankful he’s made […]

  12. 30 Dec, 2019

    What a Year of Learning and Teaching Accessibility Taught Me – 24 Accessibility

    Accessibility isn’t easy. And often times it is downright hard. But that comes with the territory. Designing for humans is hard. And accessibility is, at the end of the day, all about and all for humans. We may not get […]

  13. 30 Dec, 2019

    Cookies and a year of learning a new skill – lynnandtonic.com

    Cookie decorating is a decent developer experience vs. user experience analogy. Lots of people were surprised when my cookies tasted good. They’d say, “Pretty sugar cookies never taste good.” It makes sense to me now: almost every technique I found […]

  14. 28 Dec, 2019

    Making Things in December #19: Bad Girls by M.I.A. Drums

    For day 19 of making something every day in December, I recorded myself playing drums along to Bad Girls by M.I.A. I really like playing drums along to other music, and Bad Girls by M.I.A. has long been a favorite […]

  15. 23 Dec, 2019

    This is How a Society Dies

    This article is a fucking punch in the gut. It perfectly encapsulates my fears about American society. Literally nobody on planet earth wants worse lives excepts us. We’re the only people on earth who thwart our own social progress, over and over […]

  16. 23 Dec, 2019

    Making Things in December #18: Jamming with Melissa

    For day 18 of making something every day in December, I recorded a late-night jam with Melissa. As with our other jams, there’s nothing planned and there are no expectations to make something that resembles a finished piece of music. […]

  17. 23 Dec, 2019

    Making Things in December #17: Even More Cans

    For day 17 of making something every day in December, I continued to work on a can art project. Once again, not much to look at, but I find the act of cutting and painting these cans to be really cathartic […]

  18. 23 Dec, 2019

    Making Things in December #16: Another Jam with Ian

    For day 16 of making something every day in December, I recorded another jam with Ian. Like the others, there’s nothing particularly special about this recording, but what is special is the deliberate act of playing and recording music. I […]

  19. 23 Dec, 2019

    Making Things in December #15: More Cans

    For day 15 of making something every day in December, I continued to work on a can art project. Still not much to look at right now, but a little bit of progress is still progress.   Making things in […]

  20. 16 Dec, 2019

    Making Things in December #14: Cans

    For day 14 of making something every day in December, I started an art project involving cutting and painting a bunch of aluminum cans. It doesn’t look like much right now: I’ve done some projects like this in the past, […]