I’m elated to announce that on August 17th, 2024 — exactly one year from now — I’m throwing a big-ass charity concert/party/happening in Pittsburgh, PA featuring an array of my talented musical collaborators, friends, and family. I’d love for you — yes you reading this! — to come if you can.

Naturally, I made a website for the event.

A stylized profile picture of Brad Frost with a bunch of colorful lines coming out of his mouth. The words "holy shit" appear below it.

The website outlines the gist, including what the hell this even is:

A rotating cast of characters will play some fun-as-hell covers as well as some original tunes from people’s respective bands sprinkled in. But this will involve everyone present; it’s less a formal concert and more a communal experience. The vision I have in my head is sorta hard to describe.

Who’s involved:

I’m extremely blessed to have such enormously-talented family and friends. Some of these friends are/were professional musicians: signed to record labels, recording albums, touring the world, doing it! And then there are my friends and family who are incredibly talented musicians — especially the love of my life Melissa! — who love playing music for the joy of it.

I’ve been blown away at the enthusiasm of the people I’ve invited to play, and right now 28 musicians (a number very likely to grow!) will be performing at the show.

With this much firepower and talent, everything musically is on the table. I’ve already started reverse engineering some potential songs to play at the show:

And we’ll have a year to learn and dial in the songs. Requests are very much welcomed!

But perhaps most important thing to share is the why behind all of this:

We’ve all just been through some rough years, and my family has endured some serious shit. We’ve emerged on the other side with a profound sense of gratitude and love and purpose. Wielding this new perspective, I want an unabashed celebration of life, of joy, of fun, of friendship, of family, of music, of creativity, of expression. I want an excuse to get all my loved ones together and have a blast. I want an excuse for people to dress to the nines and let it all hang out. I want an excuse to play music with the people I love. I want an excuse to rock people’s faces off.

I’ve also come to the realization that we can do whatever the fuck we want to do with our lives. There’s no rule against throwing a giant one-night-only concert/party/happening featuring an amorphous super group of talented friends and family who have never played music together before. You can think of an idea like this and then just, like, do it. So that’s what I’m doing!

All to say, after what we’ve been through, I feel a strong pull to inject some joy, positivity, and fun into the world, and turning 40 feels like a great excuse to do it.

100% of the $20 ticket will go straight to charity. The show will be live on Mr. Small’s website soon, but in the meantime you can RSVP here and check back with the website for more info.

Here we go!