This is a powerful and important read from Max Böck:

He rightfully assesses the state of the landscape in its present form:

This is the web as envisioned by late-stage capitalism: a giant freemium game where absolutely everyone and everything is a “digital asset” that can be packaged, bought and sold.

But he’s here to remind us that the web is far more than a mere platform for milking every last cent from users; it continues to be a powerful medium for sharing thoughts and ideas. For free, even!

Despite what web3 claims, it’s possible to “own” your content without a proof of it on the blockchain (see: IndieWeb). It’s also possible to create things just for the sake of putting them out into the world.

The best growth hack is still to build something people enjoy while attaching no strings to it. You’d be surprised how far it can get you.

Make free stuff! The web is still for everyone.