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  1. 24 Sep, 2013

    Planning for Content Beyond the Web

    Here’s Dave Olsen with a fantastic read about thinking about and creating future friendly content. The problem is that, even when using responsive design, the content on our websites isn’t really able “to go everywhere.” Responsive web design only affects […]

  2. 19 Sep, 2013

    Brad Frost On Future Friendly Thinking

    This interview was originally posted on Net Magazine, but unfortunately didn’t get carried over into the new site during their migration. I can’t find a cached version, so I’m reposting the interview from my original email correspondence. How did the […]

  3. 12 Jul, 2013

    UX Podcast Interview

    I had a great time chatting with James and Per about UX design and being future friendly.

  4. 03 Mar, 2013

    Playing with Game Console Browsers

    Here’s Anna Debenham with an excellent deck about browsers on game console browsers. Absolutely great stuff.

  5. 19 Jan, 2013

    Internet Users Demand Less Interactivity

    Tired of being bombarded with constant requests to share content on social media, bestow ratings, leave comments, and generally “join in on the discussion,” the nation’s Internet users demanded substantially less interactivity this week. Even though this is posted on […]

  6. 08 Nov, 2012

    Device Fatigue

    X: Hey Brad, what kind of phone/tablet/e-reader/laptop/net-book/doodad should I get? Me: I don’t know. X: C’mon, you do this stuff for a living! Surely you know all about the latest gizmos, right? Me: I honestly have no idea. X: Thanks […]

  7. 07 Aug, 2012

    Beyond Media Queries: Anatomy of an Adaptive Web Design

    I had the fantastic opportunity to speak at An Event Apart Washington DC. Here’s the gist of the talk: Generic trademarks begin their lives defining a specific product or brand, but over time those original meanings erode and they become […]

  8. 20 Dec, 2011

    Support Vs Optimization

    A few things usually happen when I bring up the existence of mobile devices/browsers that aren’t iOS and Android. First, people give me a blank stare. Then they respond, “Well…fuck them”. (I’m not just being cheeky here, this sentiment has […]

  9. 02 Oct, 2011

    For a Future-Friendly Web

    We need to start thinking and acting in a more future-friendly way when approaching web design. The diversity of web-enabled devices is increasing at an alarming rate. We have to rethink our content and the contexts in which our content is viewed.

  10. 21 Sep, 2011

    Future Friendly

    It is time to move towards a friendlier future. We live in a world that’s exploding with technological innovation and the rapid pace of change is only accelerating. We’re at the forefront of a new revolution in which we are […]