The Odd Ballroom

The Odd Ballroom The Odd Ballroom, a 3D short film created by my friend Andrew Sloan, is in its (almost) final form. This incredible 3D film took 7 James Madison University animation students two years’ spare time to complete. The story revolves around a janitor at a failing freak show and his longing to be in the limelight. Its a spectacular story reinforced by amazing animation.

I was brought onto the project to do all the sound for the film. I spent the next few months (in the midst of graduating college, finding a job, starting a job, and doing other freelance work) arranging and manipulating sound effects in Pro Tools. I feel bad for taking such a long time to complete the foley, but I feel even worse about not being able to make original music for the film in the time frame I was given. Maybe someday…

This project was a very positive experience all around and my respect for 3D animators and audio technicians grew immensely. Do yourself a favor and watch the film.