Responsive Field Day

It was a great honor to head out to Portland OR to speak at Responsive Field Day, put on by my pals at Cloud Four. The entire event was top-notch from beginning to end. I learned a ton, and I think the format (three 20-minute sessions with a panel at the end of each block) worked really nicely.

And holy smokes they’re fast at turning things around! They already released all the videos and audio for all the sessions on the conference site, so find some time to watch and/or listen to all the sessions. They’re all fantastic.

I had the opportunity to kick off the show talking about how to deal with all the MOREs in our lives: more devices, more screen sizes, more environments, more contexts, more tools, more expectations, more content, more people, more everything. I discussed how we can stay sane as we create for this world of MOREs. You can check out the slides here and watch the video:

After my talk, Sophie Shepard and Val Head took the stage to give amazing talks (check them out) about pattern libraries and animation, respectively. Then we all got back up for a panel moderated by Jason Grigsby with additional questions from the audience. I thoroughly enjoyed the panel. The happiest moment for me was the spontaneous applause after I mentioned how teams need to genuinely collaborate rather than simply handing things off to one another. Check it out:

Again, do yourself a favor and check out all the videos from the conference. It was a zinger!