Make every thing fight for its life.
Fight for its right to exist.
Stop adding shit.
Start killing shit.
Victory is subtraction.
Rip it all out.
Be ruthless.
Demand better.
Stop blindly adopting tools.
Stop breaking the Web.
Be skeptical.
Make people give a shit.
Ram it down their throats.
Make it visible.
Show them.
Show the competition eating your lunch.
Show them how much it costs.
Make them shout with you.
Don’t give up.
Beat your head against a wall.
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
Make them understand.
Talk about it differently.
Change the culture.
It’s a process.
Don’t be discouraged.
Keep going.
Get better.
Celebrate the victories.
Build momentum.
Prioritize performance.
Treat performance as design.
Good performance is good design.
Good performance is good development.
Good performance is good business.
Good performance is good for the Web.
Start caring.
Get a machete.
Hack away.
Death to bullshit.
Death to bullshit.
Death to bullshit.