Death To Bullshit at Creative Mornings

It was an extreme honor to be invited to speak at Creative Mornings in Pittsburgh. I love the lecture series and it was an honor to speak in my hometown about one of my favorite topics: the future.

I had an absolute blast speaking at Creative Mornings, and hope you enjoy the video. More bullshit to come…


  1. nice one man, I think you’ve inspired a blog post of my own

  2. Amazing talk. Actually I’ve already seen it somewhere else on the web…
    It is very inspirational and as a web developer who owns a small company and works with clients I show this video to clients when they ask me to put “Middle-finger-boxes” on their websites. I truly like minimalistic websites and pages which only show what the user needs and are do not place loads of unnecessary bullshit around the actual content.

  3. taotsu

    Ahmen! Great talk!!

  4. Rolando

    Great talk!… I wanted to say more but I don’t wanna write any bullshit 😉

  5. magnemg

    i’d love to hear more about how to filter out that noise: curators, tastemakers, information diet, etc.

  6. Quote: “Advertising is bullshit”. Oh well, what’s that thing on this page here then, trying to invite me to click on it…? Bullshit, I suppose?
    Comments are also bullshit.

  7. BTW: In Germany, the Opt-Out-Method (aka “Permission Marketing”) has been officially declared as illegal in 2008 by the BGH (Bundesgerichtshof = the highest court in Germany). Sadly, the english wikipedia article doesnt reflect this, but the German DOES.

    cu, w0lf.

  8. Sarah

    You had me at the Billy Madison slide image.

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