Notion Habit Tracking: Update 1

I recently wrote about how much I love Notion and have been using it to stay on top of my personal and professional life. One of the things I’ve been using Notion for is to track my progress on healthy habits.

The idea is to be able to look at the calendar or table at the end of the month and see a lot of blue checkboxes. It’s early days, but I feel like it’s already been a helpful tool for keeping me on track with the healthy goals I’ve set for myself.

Well, I’m now at the end of my month, and here’s what it looked like:

The calendar view is a nice at-a-glance view, but I feel like there’s more insight to be gained from looking at the table view:

I added a “Notes” column to quickly jot down what may have been going on in my life (or the world, hello coup attempt!) that may have impacted my habits.


So how is all this going? Pretty well, I think!

  • Ticking the boxes seems superficial, but it’s been quite motivating. It’s definitely helped shape my behavior, and I find myself trying to squeeze stuff in before I head to bed.
  • Patterns emerge – My “workout” column is interesting because I started seeing gaps of first one missed day, then two missed days in a row, then three, then more. I’m trying to reign this in, and it’s cool to have a visual of things slipping a bit.
  • I don’t feel pressure to be perfect. It’s been a hell of a 2021, so I’m giving myself plenty of forgiveness for slipping a bit. But it’s important t get back on the horse and keep going. It would be weird to see a giant column of unticked boxes.

So yeah! I’d recommend giving this a try if you’re looking for new ways to stay motivated and on track.