Making things in December #3: Assembling a Jeweler’s Bench and Bonus Track

For day 3 of making something every day in December, I assembled a jeweler’s bench for my wife, who runs a jewelry studio called Frost Finery.

She’s moving out of current Frost Finery headquarters (in our basement) and getting a studio space with another jeweler. So she ordered a new legit jeweler’s bench so she doesn’t lose a bunch of expensive stones and precious metals on the floor.

I now have almost 20 years’ experience assembling Ikea furniture, so I’m handy with an allen wrench. Here’s the finished product:

Jeweler's bench successfully assembled in Frost Finery's headquarters

So I actually recorded the whole process and was going to edit/publish a quick video about assembling the bench, but right after I finished, my GoPro let out a few beeps and then shut off. Now it won’t turn on, so that’s fun! I wasn’t exactly interested in making assembly videos, but was hoping to dust off my video skills to do some other stuff around music, web design, and/or art. That will have to wait until I fix my camera.

But there’s good news! While I was waiting for the GoPro to charge (I thought it might be a battery thing), I thought it would be a good idea to create some music for the background of the video.

I’ve been digging Like Sugar by Chaka Khan so hard lately. It rings all my bells: simple, funky bassline, a solid groove, and some cleverly-placed rests/pauses. So good.

So I thought it would be fun to record the basic gist of the track. Here it is:

So that’s day 3 in the bag! Looking forward to making some more stuff today.


Making things in December timeline: