Making Things in December #19: Bad Girls by M.I.A. Drums

For day 19 of making something every day in December, I recorded myself playing drums along to Bad Girls by M.I.A.

I really like playing drums along to other music, and Bad Girls by M.I.A. has long been a favorite of mine to play along to (here’s a playlist of some other songs I like playing drums to). I got a mobile phone tripod contraption for Christmas, so I decided to record myself playing some drums to test it out. This was the first time I ever imported a video into Logic and synced everything, which is cool! So the audio you’re hearing is from the kit mic setup rather than the computer audio. Pretty cool, huh?

Now that I have one audio/video sync success story, I hope to publish a bunch of videos of me (and/or Ian and/or Melissa) playing music.

Making things in December timeline: