Is Time Standing Still? – Oliver Reichenstein at Smashing Conference

In Is Time Standing Still?, Oliver Reichenstein discusses the past’s role in today’s design.

  • Used Mad Men Kodak Carousel pitch to explain what advertising is and how to use sentimentality to sell things.
  • Mad Men promotes a sentimentality about the days of the past.
  • Nostalgia is a thriving industry: Mad Men, Lana Del Ray, Amy Winehouse, etc
  • Today’s tech mimics the design of the past. For example, Apple’s designs borrow heavily from Braun
  • Analogies from the physical world (especially things like the trash can), when used appropriately, can really enhance a digital user experience.
  • True innovation is actually just really really small steps. The only people that see the subtle changes are typically other professionals.
  • iA Writer innovations – can’t change type size, focus on one sentence at a time, a typeface that’s scales well to many environments. It’s hard to sell because it’s not necessarily new and shiny.
  • It takes time to innovate, it’s hard to follow up on previous success.
  • There’s no such thing as ‘big innovation’. It’s a series of very very small step. The steam engine and light bulb were all actually incremental changes even though they’re regarded as revolutionary.
  • Skeumorphism is not good design. It’s not that sometimes it’s sometimes OK, it’s always trying to bring the past into the present.
  • If you try to imagine the future, you’ll fail. If you try to recreate the past, you’ll simply create a simulation. You need to create in the present. It’s about finding the balance between borrowing from the past and looking towards the future.