“Fuck You.”

I’ve heard some serious shit said in meetings.

“We don’t care about blind people.” —Shithead McHorrible

After I pulled my eyebrows down from the top of my head, the only words that I could muster were “Those words actually just came out of your mouth.”

Here’s some other things we don’t care about:

  • BlackBerries
  • Windows Phones
  • Poor people
  • Androids
  • IE8
  • IE7
  • Definitely IE6
  • Colorblind people
  • 7″ tablets
  • Firefox
  • Screen readers
  • Opera Mini
  • e-ink Kindles
  • Kindle Fires
  • Nokias
  • non-JS users
  • Sony PSPs
  • Touch users
  • Keyboard users
  • Foreign language people

These are all actual things I’ve heard expressed from either clients or colleagues. And here’s why we don’t care about them:

  • Those people aren’t our target demographic
  • Nobody browses the Web on those devices
  • No one would ever do this from their [outdated/clunky/quirky] device
  • It would cost too much to support them
  • Nobody disables Javascript
  • They should just upgrade their browser
  • Nobody holds their device that way
  • They can’t afford our products anyways

We sound like assholes.

Next time you find yourself intentionally depriving someone an experience—to acquire knowledge, to complete a task, to do something online that can make their life even just a little better—picture yourself standing in front of that person in real life, looking them square in the eyes, then firmly and definitively saying “Fuck you.”