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  1. 09 Apr, 2018

    In Defense of Breaking the Law

    The inimitable Ethan Marcotte recently wrote an article about the dangers of advising people to pursue certain actions/techniques even if they don’t have permission from their bosses or stakeholders. I’ve noticed a rhetorical trope in our industry. It’s not, like, widespread, […]

  2. 31 Aug, 2017

    A Cat Is Not An iPhone

    A brief note on opinion: If you look at a cat and say, “In my opinion that’s an iPhone” that’s not an opinion that’s just you being wrong. This is a great point. It seems like something this commonsensical doesn’t […]

  3. 25 Jan, 2016

    Experts Weigh In: What Is The Most Common Web Design Mistake You See?

    Adobe asked me to weigh in on the most common web design mistake I see. The answer in a word: bullshit. But of course I elaborated a bit. I think the most common web design mistake I see is sites […]

  4. 26 May, 2014


    Our eyes are amazingly complex systems, so naturally they’ve been a favorite topic for evolutionary biologists and other scientists for quite some time. Our eyes produce multiple visual systems that give our brains information that help us interpret our surroundings. […]

  5. 14 Apr, 2014


    Stop calling yourselves “creatives”. I recently read about a mother who is able to stretch a $14,000 annual income to feed and clothe her family. That, ladies and gentlemen, is creative. Your fucking banner ad campaign is not. Every person […]

  6. 07 Sep, 2013

    ‘No, You Suck!’ and Other Poignant Progressive Enhancement Arguments

    Here’s an article in response to my “Fuck You.” post. I’m really happy it ruffled someone’s feathers enough to write about it. The post contains some good arguments, mostly revolving around how “supporting” every single browser out there makes bad […]

  7. 07 Sep, 2013

    On Progressive Enhancement

    Yesterday I decided to daintily dip my toes into the pond of opinion writing with a piece subtly titled “Fuck You.” The intentionally over-the-top piece was a departure from the thoughtful, well-reasoned pool of recent posts about progressive enhancement. That […]

  8. 06 Sep, 2013

    “Fuck You.”

    I’ve heard some serious shit said in meetings. “We don’t care about blind people.” —Shithead McHorrible After I pulled my eyebrows down from the top of my head, the only words that I could muster were “Those words actually just […]

  9. 01 Apr, 2013

    A Response to ‘Responsive Web Design is Not the Future’

    I fundamentally disagree with this entire article. Let’s address each point: 1. Web Performance The fact that the author references Tim Kadlec’s Blame the Implementation Not the Technique article and still makes these claims is pretty amazing. “We can’t predict […]

  10. 27 Feb, 2013

    The Invisible Aspects of Design

    Noah Stokes shared this sentiment on Twitter yesterday: I feel like responsive design has sucked the soul out of website design. Everything is boxes and grids. Where has the creativity gone? His follow up post explains how responsive design is […]