A bit of a break

In September of last year, I dragged my cursor across all of August 2022 in Google Calendar. I gave the calendar entry the title of “Time off?” A year later, I’m actually taking that time off! Which means that for the first time in my working life, I’m taking a break from work that’s longer than a week.

Well, that’s not entirely true. On three occasions over the last four years, I’ve been yanked away from work for months at a stretch to deal with traumatic, tragic situations. Dealing with those situations wasn’t exactly fun (a tremendous understatement), and each time I came back to work I was a bit more fried, frazzled, and frustrated. Despite some heroic efforts from my partners to accommodate my absences, I still felt like I was perpetually behind and not standing on solid ground.

SO. I’m taking a break. I need a break. My body needs a break. My mind needs a break. My soul needs a break. I’m so glad I had the foresight to block this time off a full year ahead of time, which meant that we could actually plan for it and protect it amidst all the (great!) work that’s swirling around.

I’m not setting any goals for my break. I’m not trying to accomplish anything. I’m not trying to clear my to-do list. I’m not trying to write a book. I’m not trying to launch a side project. I’m not trying to read a set number of books. I’m just going to be for a while.

Being idle isn’t really in my DNA, and I have a million things and activities that I want to do. I will no doubt get into some things. But. I’m consciously avoiding putting pressure on myself, and will be actively fighting the “I _should_ be doing X…” thoughts that are on constant loop in my head. I’m excited to “go where the wind takes me”, and experience life for a bit that isn’t dictated by a Jenga-tower calendar and work obligations. I’m excited to be present with my family, to heal, and to recharge my batteries. Here goes!