3s and 7s by Queens of the Stone Age on Drums

I’m kicking off the new year trying to continue making things like I was attempting to do all of December. While I didn’t make something every day in December, but I made a lot of headway on projects and made creativity more of a priority. That was the goal, and so I want to carry it through to this year.

To kick things off, I recorded myself playing drums to 3s and 7s by Queens of the Stone Age.

Playing this song on drums on Rockband back in the day was one of the big things that pushed me into getting into the drums in a bigger way. My brother has always been the drummer, but this song was so much fun to play that I ended up buying an electronic kit when I lived in NYC and started taking drums a bit more seriously. Fast forward over 12 years and it’s still a ton of fun to play. And while I certainly wouldn’t claim to be an amazing drummer, I’d like to think I’m at least not totally terrible anymore.