2024 Design System Vibes

OUT: Pattern Police 
IN: Empathic Sherpas

OUT: An overstuffed design system library
IN: A thoughtful, layer-cake design system ecosystem 

OUT: Unnecessarily verbose documentation
IN: Just enough, just-in-time documentation 

OUT: Single discipline-focused design systems
IN: Cross-disciplinary design systems that serve the entire org

OUT: Rushing design system work to meet breakneck product deadlines
IN: Establishing pace layers that allow product to move quickly and design systems to prioritize quality over speed. 

OUT: Design systems as an off-to-the-side cost center
IN: Design systems as critical UI infrastructure powering business-critical product initiatives

OUT: Ad-hoc, lop-sided, and fragile releases
IN: A thoughtful, transparent, and formal governance process

OUT: Protectiveness and ego
IN: Curiosity, collaboration, partnership, and support