Drew McClellen, creator of the wonderful 24 Ways project, kicked off this year’s calendar with a great post about what it takes to make a website in this day in age. Drew asked a few people’s opinions on the topic, so here’s my two cents:

For me, teams making websites in 2015 shouldn’t be working on just-another-redesign redesign. People are realizing that in order to make stable, future-friendly, scalable, extensible web experiences they’re going to need to think more systematically. That means crafting deliberate and thoughtful design systems. That means establishing front-end style guides. That means killing the out-dated, siloed, assembly-line waterfall process and getting cross-disciplinary teams working together in meaningful ways. That means treating development as design. That means treating performance as design. That means taking the time out of the day to establish the big picture, rather than aimlessly crawling along quarter by quarter.