I really enjoyed this post from Dave about the different kinds of work folks can encounter.

I also want to acknowledge that sometimes the job is an assembly line. Times exist when you need to slow down, think, explore, and use the non-lizard side of your brain to mold the clay and there are also times where you need to get from Point A to Point B with as little over-thinking as possible. A core part of our jobs is knowing which tasks require which mindset.

We encounter this a fair amount in our work, and a trap we tend to see is folks mistaking one type of work for another. It’s necessary to do Big Thinking, Foundational Architecture, Strategic, Wet-Clay Creative work, and it’s also necessary to do blast-it-out, rote, gory production tasks too. As always, Dave is spot on with his callout that knowing the time and place for each type of work is important.