Some great advice from Dave about blogging.

If you have any idea at all, start a draft.

100% yes. I currently have 141 drafts sitting here in WordPress, and have a bunch more in my head that I want to get in there as well.

I have two modes of blogging:

  1. Write and publish a blog post within an hour timeframe.
  2. Quickly start a draft and then chip away at it over time.

For the latter process, it takes a good many weeks/months/years to get drafts out the door, but that’s OK. A bunch never even get published, and that’s OK too.

I’ve found that having a draft started gives me a little momentum. When I’m reminded of the topic again (like encountering a bunch of frustrating login forms), I try to throw some more thoughts (and screenshots) on the pile. Eventually I’ll have enough ammo and motivation to get the post out the door.