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  1. 23 Mar, 2023

    Leading Successful Product Teams

    Some really great things in here. I found myself nodding right along.

  2. 22 Mar, 2023

    Brad Frost – Music, Web Development, & Artificial Intelligence – American Blues Scene

    I had an unique opportunity to be interviewed about my interest in both music and web design. I covered a lot of ground! The interview is pretty raw (meaning not super edited), but it’s interesting (to me anyways). Check it […]

  3. 21 Mar, 2023

    The End of Front-End Development

    Despite its hyperbolic title, The End of Front-End Development is a well-considered piece by Josh Comeau. I share many of the sentiments expressed here, though how things will actually shake out is anyone’s guess. In my view, this is one […]

  4. 13 Mar, 2023

    Redefining Developer Experience

    developer experience needs to pivot from a concept centered on feeling fast and living on the bleeding edge to one based on the enabling of developers to deliver reliable and first rate end user experiences — for as many users […]

  5. 12 Mar, 2023

    Why You Should Stop Reading News

    While there’s nothing particularly revolutionary here, Why You Should Stop Reading News shares an important message that needs to be repeated often.

  6. 11 Mar, 2023

    Neurodiversity Design System

    Neurodiversity Design System articulates some good design best practices to make information accessible to more people. Like most things accessibility related, these are design considerations that make an experience better for everybody, not just those with disabilities.

  7. 11 Mar, 2023

    Metafoundry 75: Resilience, Abundance, Decentralization

    Mitigating climate change is often framed as requiring money, effort, and sacrifice to keep something bad from happening, usually to other people. But we finally have the tools we need to create something new and better—to transform our technological and […]

  8. 05 Mar, 2023

    Clever Code Considered Harmful

    Clever Code Considered Harmful is a great read. When it comes to day-to-day production code, here’s the barometer I like to use: will a junior developer, someone at the very start of their career, struggle to understand this code? In […]

  9. 27 Feb, 2023

    Scribble Diffusion

    Scribble Diffusion is wild. Out of curiosity, I asked it to design a webpage: Wild.

  10. 23 Feb, 2023

    Amateur – Lasse Gjertsen

    For whatever reason, this video just crashed into my memory like a meteorite. I remember likely landing on this video via Stumble Upon (!!!), and I remember showing it to everyone. It was incredibly influential for me as it combined […]

  11. 16 Feb, 2023

    The case for Flex applications –

    This is fantastic. Great work, Dave. Source: The case for Flex applications –

  12. 15 Feb, 2023

    Testing Components in Storybook in 2023

    Testing design system component libraries is critically important, but has historically been a pain in the butt to implement. That’s why I’m thrilled my brilliant colleague wrote Testing Components in Storybook in 2023, which details how to lean into Storybook’s testing […]

  13. 14 Feb, 2023

    The (extremely) loud minority | Andy Bell

    Here’s Andy Bell with a post called the (extremely) loud minority.  Always remember that although a subset of the JavaScript community can be very loud, they represent a paltry portion of the web as a whole. This means that when they say something like “Best practices […]

  14. 13 Feb, 2023

    You kinda want an orange favicon. – Chris Coyier

    If you want a colored, shaped favicon, you need a color that works on dark and light equally well. Like orange! You kinda want an orange favicon. – Chris Coyier Can’t say I disagree with this one!

  15. 01 Feb, 2023

    Modern Health, frameworks, performance, and harm – Eric Bailey

    This is a great read from Eric Bailey, reminding us that the technology decisions we make truly can make the difference between people getting the healthcare they need or not. In some cases, it can even be a matter of […]

  16. 27 Jan, 2023

    You Will Never Be A Full Stack Developer |

    You can’t learn the whole stack. Nobody can. Maybe it was possible in 1990, the day after the web was invented, but I’m not even sure about that. The stack grows and shifts and evolves every day. Very much agree […]

  17. 14 Dec, 2022

    Does Your Product Actually Need Dark Mode?

    Here’s a fantastic article that digs into whether or not digital products need dark mode or not. In my design system consulting work, it’s a topic that comes up a lot, and I always find myself asking follow-up questions to […]

  18. 14 Dec, 2022

    Buttons and the Baader–Meinhof phenomenon – Manuel Matuzović

    Great, succinct article about making button labels accessible.

  19. 08 Dec, 2022

    Video Interview Series #11: Accessibility and Inclusive Design Systems, with Brad Frost – Skip To Content

    I had a great time on the Skip To Content podcast chatting about how design systems are great vehicles for delivering more accessible experiences to users. Check it out:

  20. 08 Dec, 2022

    A year of new avenues

    A year of new avenues is a great, inspiring read. I want to insist on an ama­teur internet; a garage internet; a pub­lic library internet; a kitchen ta­ble inter­net. At last, in 2023, I want to tell the tech CEOs and ven­ture […]

  21. 05 Dec, 2022

    Building conscious design systems

    Building conscious design systems by Amy Hupe is a very, very good read. You should read it all.

  22. 02 Dec, 2022

    Component testing in Storybook

    “Writing your component UI tests in Jest can feel a little like stabbing at your components with a blindfold on.”- Michael Chan This nails it. I used to think my stumbling over testing design system component libraries was a personal […]

  23. 22 Nov, 2022

    Wah Wah Watson with Herbie Hancock 1976 (live video) – Hang Up Your Hang Ups

    This is so badass. The control the band exhibits is absolutely incredible. It feels super organic, groovy, and even jammy, but it’s all totally locked in. When you feel like they’re just jamming over a groove, all of a sudden […]

  24. 18 Nov, 2022

    Performant Mental Health

    I was talking to my friend Cameron Moll, and he discussed a series of articles about mental health that he, his wife, and a mental health nurse practitioner wrote. There’s some really fantastic information and advice in there, and I […]

  25. 01 Nov, 2022

    Design System ROI Calculator

    This Design System ROI Calculator by Knapsack is fun. It’s often tough to quantify the benefits a design system provides, so things like this are helpful even as a conversation starter.

  26. 24 Oct, 2022

    The Component Gallery

    The Component Gallery is a collection of interface components from real-world design systems. I created it to help with some of the problems that I experience every day as a front-end developer: Some interface problems have already been solved: there’s no need […]

  27. 24 Oct, 2022

    Atomic design and the future of design systems with Brad Frost – PodRocket

  28. 20 Oct, 2022

    Why We’re Breaking Up with CSS-in-JS

    Now here’s an interesting article: Why We’re Breaking Up with CSS-in-JS.  I took to Twitter to spew out some thoughts, so I thought I’d capture them here. I’m fortunate in that I get to duck my head into a lot […]

  29. 18 Sep, 2022

    Design Systems For Figma

    A collection of Design Systems for Figma from all over the globe 🌎 Extremely useful. I will no doubt be referring to Design Systems For Figma on the regular.

  30. 12 Sep, 2022

    The Arrogance of the Anthropocene

    The Arrogance of the Anthropocene really paints the picture of how insignificant human existence is on a geological scale. Despite the author painting a pretty wild picture of how much of a blip we all are, he makes it clear […]