Monday Design Day: Monday #1

Monday #1

Monday #1

This is the beginning of (hopefully) a weekly occurrence. In an effort to set aside some quality time for creativity, I’m going to attempt to update the same PSD every week on Monday. I will add, edit, subtract, whatever to the same document and post the results. The idea is over time it will grow into something completely different than what it is today. It should be fun to watch the evolution as it grows, like one of those dinosaurs you soke in water and they get huge as they soak up the water (genius).

This is getting ambitious, but hopefully I can force myself to do this enough to want to do more pieces like this in a series and eventually have at least a couple in strong rotation.

Check back next Monday or subscribe to my RSS feed for the first revision to the above document. Comments and criticism welcome.

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  1. hess

    The bit about the dinosaurs that soak up water made me lol. First to post! ha!

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