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  1. 04 Jan, 2022

    The Denialist Playbook – Scientific American

    In brief, the six principal plays in the denialist playbook are: Doubt the Science Question Scientists’ Motives and Integrity Magnify Disagreements among Scientists and Cite Gadflies as Authorities Exaggerate Potential Harm Appeal to Personal Freedom Reject Whatever Would Repudiate A […]

  2. 14 Jan, 2021

    The ‘Shared Psychosis’ of Donald Trump and His Loyalists

    Source: The ‘Shared Psychosis’ of Donald Trump and His Loyalists – Scientific American

  3. 13 Jan, 2021

    Fear and Loathing in The United States of America

    This is the first post I’ve ever written with the mindset of “I’m going to revisit this post 1, 5, 10, 20, 40 years down the road and either laugh or cry at how accurate or off the mark I […]

  4. 07 Sep, 2020

    The American Death Cult

    This is an important article that finally captures a source of frustration I have with right-wing politics. There is no rational, logical reason for not responding with all of our hearts and minds to save lives in this pandemic. But […]

  5. 23 Dec, 2019

    This is How a Society Dies

    This article is a fucking punch in the gut. It perfectly encapsulates my fears about American society. Literally nobody on planet earth wants worse lives excepts us. We’re the only people on earth who thwart our own social progress, over and over […]

  6. 31 Aug, 2017

    A Cat Is Not An iPhone

    A brief note on opinion: If you look at a cat and say, “In my opinion that’s an iPhone” that’s not an opinion that’s just you being wrong. This is a great point. It seems like something this commonsensical doesn’t […]

  7. 26 Jul, 2017

    I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People

    This article reenters to my consciousness almost daily. I can’t debate someone into caring about what happens to their fellow human beings. The fact that such detached cruelty is so normalized in a certain party’s political discourse is at once […]

  8. 02 Jun, 2017

    What Pittsburghers Know About the Environment That Trump Still Needs to Learn

    Pittsburgh is a poster city for how to recover after coal and steel and manufacturing have fucked everything up.  

  9. 02 Jun, 2017

    In Defense of Liking Things

    I absolutely love this article, and I’ve found myself revisiting it in my head over the last few weeks every time I encounter every new thinkpiece about god knows what. There are many very real, very terrible, and very important things […]

  10. 19 Mar, 2017

    Icons for Change

    These are simple and beautiful.

  11. 13 Feb, 2017

    Raise That Flag

    Look at the flag of the United States of America: What comes to mind? Maybe words like “freedom”, “liberty”, and “pride” pop into your head. But I’m guessing for a lot of people, concepts like militarism, conservatism, and ‘murica also spring to […]

  12. 07 Feb, 2017

    Donors Choose

    I was not aware of this site, but it’s been floating around in light of the recent awful news that Betsy DeVos made it in as Secretary of Education. Here’s what Donors Choose is about: We make it easy for anyone […]

  13. 07 Feb, 2017

    Your Guide to the Sprawling New Anti-Trump Resistance Movement

    Here’s a nice roundup of a bunch of ways to get more involved in politics and activism.

  14. 27 Jan, 2017

    The Web’s Responsibility In The Trump Era

    Every day we, the people who help make the web, benefit from the free flow of information and from the open, collaborative spirit of the community. We know what amazing things can be accomplished when people (from all nations, religions, races, sexual […]

  15. 14 Mar, 2016


    Trump.css — Brad Frost (@brad_frost) March 14, 2016

  16. 23 Oct, 2008


    I heard the word “gaffe” at most one other time before this election. This is true statement. I can’t escape this word, no matter where I go to receive my news. People say it in casual conversation. Its amazing what […]