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  1. 05 Apr, 2023

    Choosing a name for your design system

    In what I hope becomes a series, I’ve been recording myself as I drive home from dropping my daughter off at school. Shifting away from more heady topics like AI’s impact on design and development, I felt like talking about […]

  2. 18 Jul, 2022

    Naming conventions for design systems

    Here’s some good food for thought for naming conventions for various aspects of design systems: Naming conventions for design systems

  3. 03 Jan, 2022

    A Small Guide for Naming Stuff in Front-end Code – Frank M Taylor

    This post is a fantastic breakdown of naming things in front-end code. Many of the specifics he outlines are things we adhere to in our own work, but ultimately any one of these conventions can be handled differently. With that […]

  4. 06 Feb, 2019

    This or that? Component Names: index.js or Component.js

    I’m not sure if you’re aware, but there are sometimes different ways to do the same thing. Crazy, right? As a consultant I get to see a lot of different codebases, and I try study other projects’ architecture in order to […]

  5. 04 Mar, 2015

    Where Atomic Design Fell Short

    Despite the doom-and-gloom title, this is a good article explaining how important it is to settle on a vocabulary that makes sense for the team. I will say one thing in defense of the naming structure of atomic design. Atoms, […]