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  1. 23 Mar, 2023

    Leading Successful Product Teams

    Some really great things in here. I found myself nodding right along.

  2. 02 Mar, 2023

    The design system mindset

    There’s so much truth to this tweet by Masato: At face value, design system jobs look quite similar to other design/development jobs; designers use design tools to design stuff and developers use front-end code to build stuff. Design systems work […]

  3. 20 Sep, 2021

    A Definitely Real-Life Front-Interview Experience – YouTube

    This is phenomenal.

  4. 17 Jul, 2021

    On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs

    in our society, there seems a general rule that, the more obviously one’s work benefits other people, the less one is likely to be paid for it Source: STRIKE! Magazine – On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs

  5. 23 Mar, 2021

    Design engineering and development at Clearleft | Clearleft

    However, as the roles of the front-end developer have stretched into the realms of ‘engineering’, it has created a split: Front-of-the-front-end: UI focused Back-of-the-front-end (referred to as ‘Engineering’ from now): Integration focused(Terms coined by Brad Frost)Again, this isn’t a bad […]

  6. 16 Feb, 2021

    Front-of-the-front-end and back-of-the-front-end web development

    The Great Divide is real, and I’m pleased that the terms “front-of-the-front-end” and “back-of-the-front-end” have gained traction ever since I quipped about them on the Shop Talk Show. A few of my clients have actually moved away from a culture […]

  7. 06 Jul, 2015

    Updating Wexford Chiropractic Centre’s Website

    The Wexford Chiropractic Centre website is the first website I ever made, all the way back in 2006-2007. It’s been “maintained” and “updated” by various people over the years, but for the most part the original design is intact. My […]

  8. 13 Oct, 2014

    Job Title: It’s Complicated

    I’ve been talking to an increasing number of people who struggle to answer the question “So what do you do?” These are UX designers who end up tackling a large part of development, developers who find themselves running strategic efforts […]

  9. 03 May, 2010

    How to Land Your First Job as a Web Designer/Developer

    A few weeks ago I had the great opportunity to travel to my Alma mater to give advice to graduating seniors in the SMAD program. As students are gearing up for graduation and heading out into the workforce, I want […]

  10. 09 May, 2008

    I’m Getting Married! And Moving to NYC (Oh And I Need A Job)

    Well its official: I’m getting married! On March 21st, 2008, Melissa Pacatang Bostian and I got engaged, exactly 3 years after we first started dating. I proposed after a delicious meal at Mallorca (on the South Side of Pittsburgh) up […]