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  1. 16 Feb, 2019

    Application Holotypes: A Guide to Architecture Decisions

    I love this classification of different kinds of web applications. It takes a more nuanced view of “sites vs apps”. I’d love to see this turned into a full-blown site with additional holotypes (airline, hotel chain, etc).

  2. 29 Sep, 2015

    This Idea Must Die

    Recently Dave and Chris from Shop Talk Show reached out to me to be a part of an episode called “This Idea Must Die.” They wanted to know the following: We’d like to hear about what idea or thing in […]

  3. 27 May, 2015

    What is the Web for?

    What is the Web for? Is it a platform for robust applications? Or should the Web admit defeat and settle on being a web of documents? These are the wrong questions. The question is not “what is the Web is for”, but […]

  4. 10 Feb, 2013

    Where To Start

    Here’s some great advice from Trent Walton. Consider responsiveness from the beginning, shift your mentality and your process, and rethink every aspect of how you approach content, design and development.