This is why I love the Web.

In a Twitter conversation sparked by someone looking for resources on style guides, we ended up in a conversation that led to a simple suggestion:

It seemed like only a few minutes had passed before Anna set up an entire site and had the basic scaffolding in place. Because she’s a genius like that.

And as soon as the repo was up and running, all sorts of smart people came out of the woodwork: Brendan Falkowski, Susan Robertson, Ian Feather, and more. Pretty much within a day, a site was born.

Introducing Homepage is an open-source website for sharing resources about style guides: articles, books, talks, podcasts, tools, and examples. The hope is that it will become a hub for all things related to creating and maintaining the various flavors of style guides out there.


Style guides and pattern libraries are becoming increasingly essential tools for modern web design, development, and branding. It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying again: style guides promote consistency and cohesion, encourage collaboration, set up a shared vocabulary, make testing easier, and lay down a future-friendly foundation to modify and extend.

There have been a few resources out there trying to round up resources about style guides, but they’ve all been individual efforts. provides a unified place to keep track of all the smart thinking and smart examples going into these things. I know I’m excited!

How Can I Help?

You can join the growing number of contributors and help submit and manage these resources and make the site better. Or if you quickly want to share a link and/or are intimidated by Github (which I totally get), you can fill out this handy form and we’ll add it to the site for you.

I’m super excited to see the site grow and evolve and contribute to a bigger conversation. And I’ll also say I’m once again totally floored by how collaborative everyone’s been getting the site off the ground. Once again I find myself incredibly thankful for how collaborative and open our community can be.

So that’s that. Go check out!