Style Guide Podcast

Style Guide Podcast

I’m thrilled to announce that Anna Debenham and I making a podcast dedicated to all things related to style guides and pattern libraries.

Why We’re Making It

Anna and I are firm believers in style guides and think they’re essential tools for sanity maintenance and organizational success. But the conversations around style guides are scattered, and often appear as side notes in other conversations. And they’re certainly not happening as frequently as we’d like. We want to change that!

The first step was to put together, which collects style guide articles, tools, examples, and other resources under one roof. The second step now is to start talking to ultra-smart people who build and maintain these design systems, style guides, and pattern libraries.

Who We’re Talking To

We’re going to be talking to a healthy blend of people who successfully create and maintain style guides. We’re covering a whole host of topics, including selling style guides to stakeholders, creating maintainable style guides, designing reusable patterns, establishing a pattern-based workflow, and much much more.

Since Anna has written a book on the topic of style guides and I’m in the process of writing one myself, we’re super excited to talk to other people about the challenges and opportunities around style guides.

The Format

The Style Guide Podcast is going to be short-run, “small batch” podcast consisting of about a dozen or so episodes. We’re striving to keep things on topic and under a half hour in length.

So here we go! You can listen to (or read the handy transcript) our very first episode with the extremely talented Jina Bolton, who’s been creating style guides and advocating for them for a long time now. You can subscribe to the podcast feed, and hold tight for the podcast to be available in iTunes.