Pittsburgh Open Device Lab

Big news: Pittsburgh finally has an open device lab! Now Pittsburgh web and app developers have a place to go test their creations on a plethora of devices large and small, new and old, and (hopefully) everything in between.

The device lab is graciously hosted at the Catapult Coworking space on 4327 Butler St in Lawrenceville. You can swing by anytime between 9AM and 5PM to use the device lab. For more information, email inbox@catapultpgh.org or get in touch with @CatapultPGH on Twitter.

Contributing Devices

Here’s the deal: the device lab needs to grow. Right now it’s only got a handful of devices in it, and it’s hungry for more.

Pittsburgh Device Lab initial devices Have an old device lying around? Consider donating it to the Pittsburgh Open Device Lab. Upgrading to the latest hotness? Contribute your old device to the lab. Want to buy a device for the lab on the cheap? Your purchase would be greatly appreciated. Device manufacturer? Consider donating to make sure the talented Pittsburgh developer community is supporting your devices.

I’m really excited about this. I can see the device lab being an amazing resource for Pittsburgh’s development community, and hope that we’ll see it grow and evolve in the coming months, with help from Elliot, Catapult, and most importantly the help from the community.

Here we go!


For more information about open device labs, check out these great resources: