Introducing the “A Little Big Medium” newsletter

Exciting news! My Big Medium colleagues and I are launching a newsletter called “A Little Big Medium”. The website does a good job explaining what it’s all about:

Love email? Neither do we! But we really, really, really love sharing and receiving genuinely helpful perspectives and resources that help everyone do their work better.

That’s what we deliver in Big Medium’s occasional email newsletter “A Little Big Medium”: practical insights to help complex organizations design for what’s next—and do it at scale.

So what will you get? Lots of signal, no noise; the newsletter is certified spam-free. Sign up to receive links to Big Medium’s latest ideas, case studies of recent projects, and, sure, hot takes on process, technique, and technology from the industry’s best.

Ever since the social media landscape imploded & splintered, we’ve been looking for ways to connect with people and be able to share valuable stuff on our own terms. This newsletter is one way we’re making that happen; I’m excited!

The first edition of “A Little Big Medium” drops tomorrow! If you’re interested, we’d love it if you sign up over here. Thanks!