HTML5 Resources, Examples, and Demos


Helpful HTML5 Resources to Get Started

Yes You Can Use HTML5 Today! via Sitepoint

This article is a fantastic place to start sinking your teeth into HTML5 and how to make the transition from XHTML to HTML5. This template provides a great jumping off point for someone just starting to experiment.

Browser Support for HTML5 via Deep Blue Sky

A perfect snapshot as to where modern browsers stand in regards to supporting HTML5. And as no surprise Internet Explorer’s support makes everyone weep bitter, bitter tears (to be fair, the author clumps all IE’s together when IE8 actually supports quite a few features).

Dive into HTML5 by Marc Pilgrim

This gorgeously designed site goes thoroughly into depth about HTML features, how to apply them today, theories and much more.  Sidenote: this site has the best use of @font-face thusfar.

Tutorials and Demos

Coding a HTML5 Layout from Scratch via Smashing Magazine

As usual, Smashing Magazine provides a thorough explanation every step of the way to create an HTML5 layout.

HTML 5 Demos

Concise List of Demos for each of HTML5’s new features

Great Websites Built using HTML5

Design Intellection

This gorgeous, clean design is representative of what html5 is striving to achieve.

Don’t Panic

I like the colors and the structure

HTML5 Gallery

A regularly updated gallery of sites constructed with HTML5

Cool Experimental Stuff

HTML5 Canvas and Audio Experiment

Absolutely amazing visuals that highlight HTML5’s ability to really do some real amazing animation.  This is why people are calling HTML5 the “Flash-killer” although that’s not happening anytime soon. This one’s my favorite

Chrome Experiments

Not necessarily all done with HTML5, but there are some amazing applications of it highlighted on this site


First person shooter done entirely using the canvas element

Additional Resources

23 Essential HTML5 Resources via Carsonified

Great round-up of demos, explanations, and other HTML5 resources

HTML5 Doctor

News and explanations from the front-line of HTML5 development.  Great resource for finding out what’s current, why HTML5 is being built the way it is, and learning about elements in depth

Designing with Web Standards, 3rd Edition by Jefferey Zeldman

The 7th Chapter is devoted to HTML5, its origins, its future and how it will further web standards. An essential read for many reasons, the HTML5 chapter is an added bonus.

@HTML5watcher on Twitter

An automated aggregate of people posting about HTML5 on Twitter. Sometimes a bit redundant, but a great resource nonetheless

The Future of HTML5 via Carsonified

Great video of Bruce Lawson’s lecture on the future of the new HTML

Room for More

These are just some of the examples and resources I’ve come across that really highlight the power and potential of HTML5.  I’d really love to make this list grow so if you have any cool HTML5 resources, fresh new sites or super baddasswicked examples of cool experimental stuff, I’d love to see them. Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter.


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