Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank Open Redesign

I’m excited to announce that my wife (@minifrost) and I are redesigning the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank website.

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (GPCFB) serves over 400 food pantries in 11 counties, and their mission to feed the hungry is certainly a nobel one. We’re proud to help them in their mission by updating their 8 year old website.

Pittsburgh Food Bank Website

There is work to be done.

In the spirit of helping people, GPCFB has agreed to conduct the redesign project in the open, meaning that we get to share and talk about works in progress, our process, and more. We’re excited to share what we know, and the organization is excited at the prospect of helping the greater community.

Project Timeline

We’ll be keeping track of the redesign using a project timeline, an idea which I borrowed stole from Dan Mall and his work. The idea of a project timeline is to see a project unfold over time, to make it easy to view progress over time, and to provide a centralized hub for the project resources. You can view our project timeline to see what we’ve done so far. Here’s what it looks like:

GPCFB Project Timeline

I’ve posted a version of the project timeline template on Github, so feel free to use it on your own projects.