This is so cool; I found this image on Facebook that shows the Moog Rogue Tina Weymouth used on Talking Heads’ incredible Stop Making Sense concert film.

Tina Weymouth's Moog Rogue with Stop Making Sense Presets articulated using gaffe tape

It’s fascinating to see the song presets laid out using tape and shapes — a nice little system in a pre-digital preset world!

This makes me so happy for a number of reasons:

  • Tina is a legend and is one of my all-time biggest inspirations
  • I happen to own this synthesizer. My childhood friend bought one at a small shop in our small hometown years ago, and sold it to me since he knew I’d put it to good use. He was right.
  • We may be playing several Talking Heads songs at Frostapalooza on August 17th, so owning this instrument + seeing the exact presets has me super excited.

I decided to post this because this was found on Facebook, and that stuff tends to get sucked into the ether. But it also looks like Talking Heads shared a similar photo on their official Instagram page.