The fine folks at An Event Apart interviewed me about my design career, Atomic Design, and what I’m talking about at An Event Apart this year. Here’s a taste:

I’ve been fascinated with how teams work together (or don’t work together!). No one works in a vacuum; successful work hinges on how well everyone communicates and collaborates with each other.

My talk is going to explore the methods, tools, and techniques used to help teams do effective work together. I’d like to tackle these things from both an intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective. For instance, what are tools and techniques that front-end developer teams use to make sure they write clean and consistent code together? How do those same front-end developers work with UX and visual designers to ensure that the designs are successfully realized in the browser? And how is that work communicated to non-design/development stakeholders in a way that allows the work to move forward? There are obviously no “correct” answers to these questions, but I’m looking forward to talking about overarching trends and themes that can help teams work more effectively together.

I’m excited.