I'm here to help.

I help brands, agencies, and other organizations navigate our ever-expanding, ever-crazy multi-device Web landscape. I bring a no-nonsense, pragmatic perspective to projects and help organizations effectively solve user and business problems. Here’s some of the things I can help with:

  • Responsive Design Strategy – How do you plan for a Web landscape that’s always changing? I provide guidance and tangible steps for executing a future-friendly Web strategy while working within the constraints of your organization.
  • Style Guidance – Establishing an effective design system is becoming a necessity for organizations to create and maintain successful Web experiences. I can help set your team up for success, using atomic design principles and Pattern Lab.
  • Design and Code Reviews – Is your project on the right track? I provide feedback on projects in any stage of completeness, and share valuable insights, resources, and best practices. Whether you need help with your overall strategy, content, UX design, or front-end code, I can get your team moving in the right direction.
  • Process and Workflow – I love helping teams evolve their processes and workflows to tackle the ever-shifting Web landscape. I introduce techniques and tools to break the cycle of antiquated processes, and suggest pragmatic organizational changes that will make your team work better together.

If you’re interested in having me consult with your organization, please get in touch.