New Painting – Circles Are Coming

Circles Painting

I’ve started a new painting.  I’ve been reading Kandinsky: Complete Writings On Art which chronicles the work of my favorite painter of all time, Wassily Kandinsky.  

Kandinsky practically invented non-objective art (art free from any real world representation).  At first look,  his work seems pretty arbitrary, but the more and more I study and read, the more calculated the spatial and chromatic relationships become. And its WELL documented. He was an extremely articulate artist and writer and documented his fascinating theories in immense detail. 

Now I know what you’re thinking, this looks like a Pollack painting. Well, I’m not done yet dammit.  This is merely the backdrop for a geometric design that to be honest is the most calculated I’ve ever been as a painter. My usual approach to art is to get out a canvas and paint and see what comes out. I’m actually THINKING before painting this one. Weird.


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