Lightning Strike, Outer Banks, 2005

Lightning Strike, OBX 2005

This photo was taken a few summers ago at the Outer Banks in late July. My family and I go on vacation every year there and we were given this awesome lightning storm. It was shot with my low-end Canon digital camera with a 15 second time exposure.

Here are more photos from the same storm.


  1. Wow, talk about being at the right place at the right time! Where exactly were you. (and don’t say outside) I love OBX and we have a small rental in Duck. What made you post the shot today?

  2. @Kathleen We stay at High Dunes in Kitty Hawk at MP 9.5. I’ve been going there every summer I’ve been alive (so far counting 23 years!). I recently created this blog, and will be posting photos I have taken over the years. Here are some other photos from the same night.

  3. Dean Clarkstone


  4. Dean Clarkstone

    i love your work

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