Casey Templeton Photography

Casey Templeton is an award-winning photographer based in Richmond, VA. His high-impact photography has landed him clients like Apple, Walmart, The New York Times, National Geographic and more.

Casey needed a website and online footprint that matched the professionalism of his photography. The result was a high-impact fullscreen Flash website that focuses on Casey’s gorgeous photography, a regularly updated blog, and an active social media presence.

The site features fullscreen Flash images, scalable thumbnails, contact form and more. The blog features a full-width content column to embed high-quality photos from Flickr. A Flickr account, Twitter account and Facebook page were set up and used to create a consistent online presence and drive traffic to the site.

Casey’s passion for photography made the project a blast to work on. I am always looking forward to what he will do next.

Technologies Used

Flash, WordPress, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Jquery


Innovative 1-column blog layout, Intuitive fullscreen Flash portfolio (big ups to Mike Gallay), social media integration

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