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  1. 14 Feb, 2023

    The (extremely) loud minority | Andy Bell

    Here’s Andy Bell with a post called the (extremely) loud minority.  Always remember that although a subset of the JavaScript community can be very loud, they represent a paltry portion of the web as a whole. This means that when they say something like “Best practices […]

  2. 22 Oct, 2018

    I have resigned as the WordPress accessibility team lead. Here is why.

    The accessibility team lead of WordPress has resigned. In her post, Rian Rietveld explains some of the problems the accessibility team encountered as they tried to make the Gutenberg editor experience more accessible. It sounds like there were a lot of […]

  3. 20 Apr, 2015

    WordPress Database Migration Tool

    I just bought WP Migrate DB Pro to help keep my local databases and live sites in sync. Looking forward to digging into this. Right now my local sites and my live sites are way out of sync, and it […]

  4. 27 Mar, 2008

    Ledonne Creative

    I recently had the opportunity to construct a website and blog for Ledonne Creative, a web marketing firm in Pittsburgh, PA. Ledonne Creative specializes in search engine optimization, online marketing strategies, and design. Thus the design was nicely set up […]