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  1. 27 Oct, 2014

    Floating Action Buttons Considerations

    Luke Wroblewski walked through some critical considerations for designing for large screen smartphones. One major consideration is the reachability of the navigation. He discusses a few considerations and emerging navigation patterns, including the floating action buttons pattern. We used the […]

  2. 06 Mar, 2013

    Breaking Down Amazon’s Mega Dropdown

    Great post looking into Amazon’s mega-menu dropdown, which shows sub-navigation items to the right of the parent category. Lots of insight and algebra around mouse cursor movement, hover state gotchas and more. Lately there’s been a lot of talk about […]

  3. 04 Jan, 2013

    Responsive Design for Apps — Part 1

    The always-brilliant Jason Grigsby (@grigs) with a fantastic write-up on responsive design, apps, the difference (or lack thereof) between mobile handsets and tablets, and breaking through our consensual hallucinations.