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  1. 21 Jan, 2022

    Atomic Design and Storybook

    I had the honor to be the first guest on Storybook‘s new Storytime show with the great Michael Chan (aka @chantastic). We talked about the history of atomic design and the rise of the modern JS landscape, how directly-consumable UI […]

  2. 14 Jun, 2018

    Unfortunate name (confusion with Sketch seems inevitable), but this seems like a cool concept. I like the idea of a nimble “Markdown-like notation” that helps teams play out a lot of different scenarios and states without having to create a […]

  3. 07 Dec, 2017

    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Prototyping (But Were Afraid To Ask)

    I have the extreme privilege of working with Jamie on client projects, and I absolutely love his approach to development. Rather than deliberating over lengthy conversations about what can and can’t be done, Jamie dives in, plays, and prototypes. As […]

  4. 19 May, 2014

    HTML Wireframes

    For the first few years of my career, I didn’t know that wireframes existed. It wasn’t until I started working at a larger agency that I first encountered a strange new black-and-white InDesign world, where multiple rounds of 100+ page […]

  5. 21 Jan, 2013

    The Post-PSD Era

    Are we entering the Post-PSD Era of web design? Throughout my career, I’ve watched immensely talented designers waste a shitload of time creating fully fleshed-out comps of what a website could look like. Pixels get pushed, details are sweated, pages […]