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  1. 18 Nov, 2014

    Using linked SmartObjects in combination with Layercomps in Photoshop CC

    Here’s an excellent guide on how to use Photoshop smarter by using linked SmartObjects. This technique, along with the new Creative Cloud Libraries, can make it easier for visual designers to craft atomic design systems in Photoshop.

  2. 02 Nov, 2014

    PS Atomic Design

    This is great. Diego AndrĂ©s Aranda runs through how to accomplish an atomic design workflow in Photoshop. It’s in Spanish, so here’s an English translation. From what I can gather, it’s a matter of stitching together Smart Objects and organizing […]

  3. 07 Oct, 2014

    Creative Cloud Libraries

    A library of reusable components in Photoshop? Yes please! Dan explains how crucial Creative Cloud’s new library panel is for establishing design systems and utilizing reusable components. I can see this saving a ton of time as it takes a […]

  4. 06 Oct, 2014

    Extending Photoshop

    As we enter the post-PSD era, it’s important to help previously-abused tools shed their stereotypes. Dan Rose (also the creator of the excellent Photoshop Etiquette site), came out with a wonderful roundup of modern Photoshop resources to help web designers […]

  5. 23 Jan, 2013

    The Post-PSD Era: A problem of expectations

    Here’s design extraordinaire Dan Mall with a follow up to my thoughts on The Post-PSD Era. Dan deftly explains how everything comes down to setting client expectations up front and building great collaborative teams. A++++ post.

  6. 21 Jan, 2013

    The Post-PSD Era

    Are we entering the Post-PSD Era of web design? Throughout my career, I’ve watched immensely talented designers waste a shitload of time creating fully fleshed-out comps of what a website could look like. Pixels get pushed, details are sweated, pages […]

  7. 03 Mar, 2010

    Monday Design Day: Thursday #4

    This is the 4th installment of my “weekly” design project. Carrying along the same tradition as the previous design, I’m having fun arranging concentric circles in semi-irregular patterns. Check it out on Flickr.

  8. 07 Feb, 2010

    Photoshop Trick for CSS Sprites: Rollover Color with Missing Fonts

    As a web developer working with a variety of designers, I often find myself in situations where I need to create rollover states in Photoshop for text assets whose fonts I don’t have installed on my computer. Here’s a technique to bypass that problem entirely.

  9. 02 Feb, 2010

    Monday Design Day: Wednesday #3

    This is the third installment of my “weekly” design series. I guess I should have been more realistic in regards to how consistent I would be with this project, but thankfully only a week slipped by. Blue, orange and concentric […]

  10. 19 Feb, 2008

    I was Chuck Norris’ Siamese Twin

    This was a school project I did when I was first learning Photoshop. I recently stumbled onto it hiding in my folders and thought that I’d share it. *Important Note* This project was done almost 3 years ago, before the […]

  11. 08 Feb, 2008

    new profile pic

    So I designed this to be my new profile picture for my ever-expanding collection of social networking websites. I hand drew a picture from a photo and messed around in Photoshop. I’m not the best at Photoshop, so I’d really […]

  12. 17 Jan, 2008

    Monopoly Template for Photoshop

    Christmas time was fast approaching and the idea popped into my head to create a custom Monopoly game for my family. I remember seeing something for a “Make Your Own Opoly” game, but when i checked it out, I found […]