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  1. 04 Jan, 2024


    There’s no doubt about it; 2023 was objectively way better than 2022. And 2021. And 2020. Our family has been through a lot over the last 5-ish years, and I’m happy to report that 2023 contained no major medical emergencies, […]

  2. 06 Jan, 2023


    A pattern is emerging: even years are nightmare years. 2018 was a nightmare year. 2020 was a real fucking nightmare year. And now 2022 was a nightmare year. 2022 was a year of death, organizing chaos, once again putting our […]

  3. 31 Dec, 2019


    2019 was thankfully lot different than last year. This time last year I was in the neuro ICU with my dad as he came out of a coma and was fighting off spinal meningitis. I’m so incredibly thankful he’s made […]

  4. 03 Jan, 2018

    New Years Resolutions

    I’m not going to buy any stuff for myself. – This sounds extreme, but I’m very much excited for this resolution. I have plenty of stuff in my life. I wouldn’t call myself a rabid consumerist, but I feel that I’ve fallen […]

  5. 29 Dec, 2014

    Leading Designers Share Their New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

    Make shit happen. Make shit happen. Make shit happen. Make shit happen. Make shit happen.