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  1. 13 Jun, 2018

    GitHub Is Microsoft’s $7.5 Billion Undo Button

    Here’s the great Paul Ford with a great breakdown of what git and Github actually are. Much like his epic What Is Code? article, he’s able to translate the world of geeky programming stuff into something that’s palatable and entertaining […]

  2. 14 Apr, 2014

    Single-Field Credit Card Input Pattern

    Forms suck. And they especially suck on mobile devices. Luke Wroblewski has been talking for a long while now about how input masks make form entry a lot less painful for people. He recently highlighted Square Wallet‘s clever single-field credit […]

  3. 18 Oct, 2013

    Git/Github Resources

    I suck at Git/Github and need to get a lot better. I asked for resources a while back and here’s what people came back to me with: Roundups Learn Git by Kevin Suttle Top 10 Git Tutorials for Beginners Walkthroughs […]

  4. 09 Nov, 2012


    What ish. is yet another viewport resizer. What’s with the name, you ask? Small-ish. Medium-ish. Large-ish. That’s the idea. Many have long been preaching to let content, not device widths determine breakpoints in responsive designs, so rather than determining several […]