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  1. 05 Feb, 2020

    Switching to Firefox

    I switched my default browser on both desktop and mobile to Firefox. It was incredibly painless to do and literally haven’t noticed anything different besides the UI. Reasons My reasons for switching? I’m not entirely sure to be honest. While […]

  2. 06 Dec, 2018

    The State of Web Browsers – Late 2018 edition

    This is a brutally honest, true article about the state of web browsers. It’s unfortunate the author unnecessarily said “went full retard” (a movie reference) because the rest of the post is dead on. The stuff about Firefox rang especially […]

  3. 16 Dec, 2008

    Essential Web Development Firefox Extentions

    Web development without Firefox plugins is like building a fire with a flint when there’s a perfectly good military-grade flamethrower lying right beside you. These are the little guys that make my job and life that much easier. Web Developer […]